Co-Founder(s) for an innovation in child health prevention.

iKids, Play & Grow, future SRL (in march) has developed an innovative and intuitive video game prototype for learning by playing the reflexes of healthy eating and physical activity for children aged 5 to 9, in university partnership with the Clinique du Poids Junior, Huderf, Brugman, Brux. The worldwide obesity crisis requires new solutions at the international level and WHO considers prevention to be the most effective approach. The new prototype currently under development uses AR. The company's social objective is to produce and distribute innovative, fun, effective and scientific learning tools, based on a new "Inductivity" method for health or citizenship issues, and to contribute to the development of R&D, in particular towards AI in the service of health.

The startup will now reinforce its team of founders in order to

- jean-pierre SNYERS (Entrepreneur) le 2020-02-14 15:06:12